Saturday, April 25, 2020

Idaho Reopening Strategy

Link to full report - here.

Until we have targeted, case-based interventions for each infectious person, an effective vaccine, or effective treatment, we must maintain some level of community interventions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  This includes heightened protections for the health and safety of workers in critical industries, people living and working in high-risk facilities (e.g. senior care facilities), and all other employees.

All Idahoans have a responsibility to protect themselves and others. Each stage, while allowing for additional businesses and practices to open and loosen, is grounded in these basic practices for individuals and businesses:

All Stages – individuals should continue to:

Engage in physical distancing of at least six feet
Wear face coverings in public places
Stay home if sick
Practice good hand hygiene
Cover coughs and sneezes
Disinfect surfaces and objects regularly
All Stages – employers should continue to:

Maintain the six-foot physical distancing requirements for employees and patrons
Provide adequate sanitation and personal hygiene for employees, vendors, and patrons
Ensure frequent disinfection of the businsess as well as regular cleaning, especially of high-touch surfaces
Identify how personal use items such as masks, face coverings, and gloves may be required by employees, vendors, and/or patrons
Provide services while limiting close interactions with patrons
Restrict non-essential business travel
Identify strategies for addressing ill employees, which should include requiring COVID-19 positive employees to stay at home while infectious, and may include keeping employees who were directly exposed to the COVID-19 positive employee away from the workplace, and the closure of the business until the location can be properly disinfected
On a case-by-case basis, include other practices appropriate for specific types of businesses, such as screening of employees for illness and exposures upon work entry, requiring non-cash transactions, etc.