Wednesday, May 20, 2020

County Commissioner Race - Mark Reynolds

By Mark Reynolds
Republican Candidate for Benewah County Commissioner – District 1

I have lived in St. Maries for 41 years. My wife and I raised our two daughters here. I have worked for the City of St. Maries for 24 years. The communities that make up Benewah County are full of caring, hardworking people. Our communities have developed outstanding young people because our quality of life is second to none.

Why do I want to be commissioner? The short answer is to help protect our quality of life.

We know changes are coming, and we need to be in control. I have the experience and the knowledge to represent you, the people, and the needs of Benewah County. I have been a public servant for many years. I truly care for the people. I hear your needs. A need is a necessity. A want is something you work to achieve. As taxpayers, what are your needs and wants? If those are not recognized, neither gets accomplished.

A commissioner is required to wear many hats: facilitator, decision-maker, worker, enforcer, responsible for public relations, and a protector of all. I believe with our experienced county employees and the right leadership, Benewah County can be a model for the state. Common sense and a commitment to doing the right thing can go far.

If elected to office, one of the first things I would do is apologize to employees for their increased workload. Then, I would ask that they trust me.

My plan would be to look at revenues by area, develop expenditures by area, drive every square mile, and work with other commissioners to assess our needs.  I would work with the maintenance departments to prioritize their needs and work toward their wants. It always comes down to money, but I think there are ways to increase our revenues without increasing taxes. For example, I would look at property holdings and work with staff to explore options that may create revenues for the county. I would make sure expenditures are spent wisely and responsibly while protecting investments and assets. Our decisions should always be made for the best interest of the public.  We provide a service to the taxpayers.

Once again, I would work my hardest to meet the needs while working toward the wants of our community. These statements do not reflect the job that is being done by the current commissioners.

These words are 100% from Mark L. Reynolds, wanting to build upon what has already been established and continue to prosper. We are in this together. I will work hard to keep what we value the most. It is going to take all of us as one big community.

Community Strong.

Mark L. Reynolds