Sunday, May 17, 2020

From Denise Best for Tami Holdahl

My Candidate for Benewah County Sheriff
My candidate for Benewah County Sheriff has 21 years of experience as a law enforcement officer: as a Benewah County Deputy, a Sergeant for the CDA Tribe, a Patrol Officer for the Kalispel Tribe out of Airway Heights in Spokane, and is currently Chief of Police in Pinehurst, Idaho.
This officer has continually trained in various aspects of law enforcement and is highly qualified for the position of Sheriff, having dealt with every kind of enforcement situation you and I can imagine, including drug & alcohol abuse, theft, burglary, domestic violence, sexual assault on a child, and murder cases.
This highly trained officer has 7 certifications in POST (Peace Officer Standard Training), including Firearms, Taser, Defense Tactics/Arrest Techniques, Drug Identification/Investigation, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Crime Prevention, etc. This officer has over 2,000 hours of continuing education on topics that include Active Shooter, Domestic Violence, Current Drug Trends, Mental Health Crisis Intervention, etc.; and has also handled thousands of drug cases.
My candidate has extensive leadership skills: Chairman of Board of High School, as a police Sergeant, as a member of City Council, as Mayor of St. Maries, and as Chief of Police. A life-time resident of St. Maries, my candidate knows this county, its residents, its problems; and is ready and willing to serve as Sheriff with dedication, honesty and compassion for all involved.
A perpetrator — a then 25-year-old male who my candidate had to wrestle to the ground to apprehend — recently posted on Facebook: “I don't live in Benewah county but I'd like to express my support as someone who has witnessed both sides of her duties. From having my door kicked in because I was being naughty to witnessing her at a community meeting and getting emotional as she gave words of encouragement to someone in recovery. She has a passion to serve and help our communities and it shows in her actions.”
My candidate for Benewah County Sheriff is Tami Holdahl. I hope she is yours also.
St. Maries, ID