Tuesday, October 27, 2020

'The Government’ does not infringe your rights...

No government has ever, will ever, or can ever infringe
the rights of any citizen.

Bashing ‘The Government’ is meaningless, futile,
misdirected, and an absolute waste of energy.

It is never ‘The Government’ or ‘The State’ or ‘The
Legislature’ or even ‘City Hall’ that issues laws, orders,
statutes, or ordinances that infringe your Natural
Rights. Nor are such infringements ever enforced by
these entities.

Every single infringement upon your Natural and
Constitutional Rights, both ordered and executed, is
done by people. Individual people vote yea or nay.
Individual people process the paperwork. Individual
people enforce the infringement.

People get together in a gang, or a mob, and impose their
collective will and call themselves ‘The Government’ and
wrap their actions in patriotism, or moral righteousness,
or ‘The Law’ and other motives. But at the end of the day,
it is just people…individual people. Too often, these are
bad or self-serving people with personal agendas.

This is why elections are so important.

We, the voters, choose the people who go to the
legislature, to the governor’s mansion, to the White
House, to the Commissioner’s Office, to City Hall, and
to the Sheriff ’s Office. If we send the right person into
an elected office, we are one person closer to stopping
infringements from ‘The Government.’

The right person will not propose nanny-state nonsense
and will roll back any such nonsense they fi nd on the

The right person will not enforce unconstitutional laws
or rules.

The right person will stand up and call ‘Shenanigans!’
when necessary.

Apathy and non-participation have elected more
people than Democrats, Republicans and Independents