Thursday, October 29, 2020

To the Citizens of Benewah & Latah Counties By Brandon Mitchell

As published in the Benewah republican Newspaper

Do we really take the time to understand both sides of each choice we make? I challenge voters to be informed before they make a choice this election.

During a recent forum I was asked what was meant by “freedom counts” on my campaign posters. Let me clarify.

Our freedoms are currently in jeopardy. Over the last six months we have found that COVID-19 has threatened our freedom of Religious worship, Speech, and assembly. This is just the beginning. Prior to COVID19 we witnessed activists’ riot in our streets to destroy law and order. We have witnessed in recent years the lack of moral compass when referring to fatal life. We live in “one Nation” with God as the foundation. Today there are many with the desire to take God out of our Constitution and discredit our founding fathers’ belief that we are “Indivisible.” We are divided today because of such actions. It is my belief that God is our creator. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints and I will put God, family, and my country first.

  • I support the Second Amendment
  • I support religious freedom
  • I support freedom of speech
  • I also support the freedoms we have to live in safe communities and free from tyranny, persecution, rioting, and disorderly conduct
  • I support our police, sheriff and civil service departments
  • I support our community leaders
  • I respect the right to vote
  • I respect those who have been elected and will support said individuals whether they earned my vote or not
  • I respect the Electoral College and will uphold them for our national election

The children of today need men and women of integrity as role models. They do not need people who riot for a cause they have only a partial or no understanding of or they do so without facts. We need integrity and moral stewards to stand up for the youth of today and teach what it takes to be a man or women of honor. We see government officials abusing such influence and I will work to make a difference.

On the topic of our educational system, I have witnessed teachers and administrators work tirelessly while being scrutinized because of the way our educational system been adjusted to comply with COVID 19 regulations. I salute our teachers, administrators, and district officials as they struggled to bring our kids back to school in a safe and efficient manner. As we work to support our education system, it is my goal to continue to enhance technical resources and facility upgrades to bring our schools into the 21st century. I promise to hear what is needed and fight for education in Benewah and Latah counties. Your needs will not fall on deaf ears.

As a businessman I have service centers in three states. Idaho is currently the least regulated state in reference to bureaucratic nonsense. I congratulate those past lawmakers who have fought to minimize the red tape and bureaucracy facing business owners in Idaho. It is my desire to keep this practice clear of formalities and I will fight to keep this focus.

Do we really take the time to understand both sides to each choice we make?

I challenge voters to be informed before they make a choice this election. Elections have consequences and we the people need to be well informed to make the best choice.

On November 3rd, you will have the opportunity to have your voices heard again.